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Periodontal (gum) disease, including gingivitis and periodontitis, are serious infections that left untreated, can lead to tooth loss. The word periodontal literally means “around the tooth.” Periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial infection that affects the gums and bone supporting the teeth.

Periodontal disease can affect one tooth or many teeth. It begins when the bacteria in plaque (the sticky, colorless film that constantly forms on your teeth) causes the gums to become inflamed. In the mildest form of the disease, gingivitis, the gums redden, swell and bleed easily. There is usually little or no discomfort.

Gingivitis is reversible with professional treatment and good daily home care. The main purpose of treatment is to control the infection. Depending on the degree of the gum disease the treatment will vary. Any type of treatment requires the patient’s participation by keeping up good oral home care.

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