Hygiene Treatments
and Comprehensive
Oral Exams

General Dental Services

At Weston Dental Care we work diligently to save our patients from discomfort and pricey treatments with preventive care. With regular check-ups, hygiene treatments, dental exams, and other procedures, our dentists can prevent future dental problems and treat current ones before they become too serious. To benefit from preventive dental care, schedule your next appointment at our office.

At a standard preventive care visit you can expect to have:

  • Medical history reviewed and updated
  • A thorough gum pocket check – 6 points per tooth
  • Necessary digital x-rays
  • Updated Digital Photos
  • Comprehensive scaling and root planning – above and below the gum line
  • Prophy paste polishing with special care given to cosmetic restorations
  • A tooth by tooth video camera check
  • Fluoride as needed
  • Reviewed and Updated Oral Hygiene Instruction
  • TMJ and Bite Exam
  • Zoom Whitening Boosts
  • Great Conversation with our wonderful Hygienists
  • A meticulous Doctor Exam

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