Composite Bonding is a technique were an enamel-like material is applied, hardened and sculpted to change the color or shape of a tooth, cover flaws, and close gaps or spaces between teeth in a single visit often without anesthetic. Cosmetic dentistry uses composite tooth bonding as a technique to work wonders for your smile. Composite bonding is a quick process, typically lasting less than an hour. Compared to porcelain veneers or a dental crown procedure, it is a popular choice because it does not reduce the tooth’s original structure. Composite bonding is also relatively inexpensive. And finally, composite resins are available in many different shades. The shade can be chosen to match the natural color of the original tooth.

Dr. Carbunaru believes in using conservative methods to enhance your smile whenever possible. Composite bonding is an ideal choice for fixing many minor aesthetic problems without damaging your natural tooth in doing so. His years of experience and advanced studies help him create absolutely stunning results with composite bonding.