At Weston Dental Care, our primary commitment is to patient care. Our dentistry staff listens to the desires and concerns of patients in order to recommend the appropriate course of treatment in a relaxed environment. We make sure to schedule a generous amount of time for each appointment, so patients receive the professionalism and care they deserve... read more »


Our office uses state-of-the-art sterilization techniques, such as autoclaves, to maintain strict standards of hygiene. All instruments used during treatment are first washed in the ultrasonic machine and then sterilized in an autoclave that utilizes steam at a very high heat and applies pressure to kill all microorganisms. WE TAKE PATIENT SAFETY VERY SERIOUSLY !


It is our belief that the practice of general dentistry and training received in dental school can hardly be sufficient to practice in today's rapidly changing environment. All our doctors at WDC are specialists with advanced degrees, knowledge and skills in each of their fields. This insures that your dental care, whether general care, a cosmetic need or to provide health-related treatments, is performed by someone you can trust and who has the experience necessary to get it right the first time. From routine check-ups to cleanings and whitening to full mouth makeovers and rehabilitation, you can receive all your treatments in one office.